For our common humanity

What experience and history teach is this -- That people and government never have learned
anything from history, or acted on the principles deduced from it.

                     --- G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of History

This page is for the memorial of the victims of the Japanese atrocities in the Second Sino-Japan War and their families, and for Justice and Peace, and for our humanity.

History we shall never forget
(China: 1931-1945)

In its 14-year aggression war against China, Japanese army and Japanese civilians murdered over 30 million Chinese civilians, including women and children, in the most brutal fashion.

Remember Nanjing: December 1937 --Feburary 1938
   Today of 60 years ago, many died in their pains and cries. Men, women, children, were killed with bayonets, swords, bamboo sticks... their bodies sexually mutilated. They were murdered by the Japanese Monsters of Frankeinstein (japmof), in the beautiful ancient city of Nanjing, China. In that winter, at Nanjing, Japanese army massacred over 300,000 civilians and POWs, raped at least 20,000 women. 

Other Japanese Crimes Against Humanity

US pilot being beheaded

A US pilot beheaded by Japanese AFTER the Japanese emperor annouced surrender.

The Japanese Chemical and Germ Warfare

Demons and fire: Hiroshima

Confessions of Japanese war criminals

Other massacres unknown to the world...(In Chinese)

References in English

Seventy years of Japanese invasion of China(to be added)

Fifty Years Later

     Japanese Governement constantly denies or minimizes these crimes, and until now, it has not made any formal apology for its aggressions and crimes against China and other Asian nations. The Japanese Government has successfully gotten away from the remaining problems, they hide or destroy documents, they destroy newly uncovered evidence of war crimes, they refuse to pay the living victims such as the comfort women, they remove the war crimes from their history textbooks... Fifty years later, young Japanese still says "No! So what?" for their country's crimes in Asia. The Japanese general public glorify the war criminals as patriotoc heros, enshrine them as gods, threaten the former soldiers who are telling the truth..
The Failure of the Tokyo Trial
Japanese denial and distortion of history
Photos of the Japanese glorification of the war crimes (to be added)
What ordinary young Japanese say today (to be updated)
Japan CAN say no  

Japan's nuclear and military potential

Justice and Peace, We are still seeking for...

Over 30 million unrested souls are looking at us, it is not a time to cry when the justice is not done. For our countrymen that died in the most brutal death, for our humiliated and plundered homeland, for oursleves and our posterities, for the ultimate world peace, for the sake of our humanity, let us speak out the truth, let us make a vow: We will never forget, and we will restore justice.

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