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Japan claims a Korean island as its territory

2 millions pieces of Japanese chemical weapons are still in China

Japan declares economic zeone, including Korean and Chinese territory

Japanese refuse to compensate slave laborors

China to make the Shengyang Jap. war crime tribunal a base for education

Koreans protests Japanese claim of a Korean island (In BIG5)

Taiwan issue and possible Jap. wriglling

Jap. prime minsister says Jap. government has no responsibility to compensate comfort women

China urged Japan not to harm the national interests of other countries

Japan says it never forced comfort women

China expresses anger over Japan's denial

Japan must pay for its crimes

An article from People's Daily.

Diaoyu island

Japanese warships expelled Taiwanese and Hong Kong civilian boats from Diaoyu island on 9/6/96, 9/7/96. Japan cliamed that Diaoyu island is Jap. territory and all foreign ships must leave.
Unless China exterminate all the Japmofs, there will be no peace.