Japanese War Crimes

This is the first 70 pages of a book documenting Jap. Crimes in China. The book is authored by the Academy of Military Science of China. The whole book will be put on line when time allows.

Chapter One: Introduction

  1. The Birth of Jap. militarism
  2. Agression strategies of the Japanese
  3. Jap. agression against China: 1894 (Jiawu war, taking Taiwan)-1920s
  4. Jap. aggression against China: Taking Machuria (1931.9.18)
  5. All out aggression against China: 1937.7.7

Chapter Two: The land under the brutal control of the Japmofs

  1. Brutal Jap. Rule in Northeast China
    Pingdingshan Massacre(1932.9.10-),  Laoheigou Massacre, Qingyuan Town Massacre(1935.5-),  Baijiabaozi massacre(1936.7.15-),  Sihe Town Massacre(1938.1-), Changsheng village Massacre(1945.3.22),  Concentration camps, destruction of villages, Andong massacre(1935) , "4.15" and "3.15" massacre(1937-1938), Sanzhao Massacre(1940), Badongmu massacre(1943), Hedong county massacre(1945.2.14-), Brutality in prisons
  2. The sufferings of the people in the occupied areas
    massacres in Northern China, Linqiu Massacre(1937.9.23-), Shuoxian Massacre(1937.9.23-), Ningwu Massacre(1937.9-10), Massacres at Hangzhou Bay Area (1937.11-1938), Jingshanwei Massacre(1937.11.4), Wuxi Massacre(1937.11.27-), Wuhu Massacre(1937.12.10-), Yangzhou Massacre(1937.12.14-), Massacres in Wuhan(Central China, 1938.10-), Tanjiao Lake Massacre Place(1938-1945), Brutal treatment of POWs and laborers
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