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 In reply the posting of the Nanjing Massacre Record 

"Did it happen at all? "

"I stand on the point that every country has commited dark jobs. China is not an exception..."

"China tried to invade Japan 600 years ago."

"China is expanding its military power now. This is a big threat to other Asian countries."

"Nuclear tesing in China implies that China might drop A-bomb in Japan sometime. "

"Second, it is true that our politicians (especially LDP members) sometimes make an outrageous comment. It is also true that their distorted views are deep-rooted in the mental-set of general Japanese public,... "Deep-rooted" because of
Racism: some Japanese, particularly older generaions, appear to be "looking down" on other Asians. That is, concerns of other Asian nationals, like 'comfort women' case tend to be taken less seriously. This, however, appears to be changing, presumably because of the tremendous economic growth seen in other Asian countries. "
 In reply to:
Ask yourself and other Japanese people the following two questions:

   1) Did Japan commit crimes against humanity in its war of aggression?
   2) Should Japan make reparations to its victims ? 

"No and Yes. So what?"

"Actually, the US soldiers stationed in Japan are busy spying on Japanese businesses, or flying training missions to Korea."
In reply to: "Give me any precedence in the whole human history, anything with
 equal or more cruelty than the crimes committed by Japanese."

"Cultural Revolution comes to mind, to look at ONLY the most recent of examples."

"During Cultural Revolution in China,Albanian people were forced to admire Mao's photo everyday and to ware the same cloth as what Chinese people did.Don't you think it's a kind of invasion? "
 This was post to the Nanjing Discussion Board at CND 


Message posted by Nakamura,Masanori ( on Thursday, December 14 at 01:37 PM EST


I'm tired of ordinary people. The Chinese people never trust Japanese . No Freet. No Army. No air Forse But Japanese Selfe Defense Forse covers their oun countrty. America corappsed whole world. and China begens the war with Japan. Ha ha. I'mremember 60 Years ago.

The following is portions of emails George Mastsutaka sent me, in a discussion he started. In his email, he repeated the same argument in Hata's book, which claim the number of illegally killed in Nanjing massacre was about 40,000, This number was based on Smythe's sampling on 2% to 0.5% of the remaining families in the regions which were allowed by Japanese to investigate, and multiplied by a 1/3-1/2 illegal kill ratio. Hata's work will be examined elsewhere on the site.

From: George Matsutaka <> March, 1997
To: CLFJ <>
Subject: massacre

[Regarding the fact that Japanese took every young men as plain-clothes soldiers and killed them]

"Guerrilla were totally against "the world agreement in battle fields" it was really difficult to distinguish between the citizens and soldiers. you know why western nations and japan agreed not to treat guerrilla as POW? if the countires accepted the guerrilla strategy, innocent citizens would have been involved into the battle fields unfortunately. Japan signed this agreement in 1907 way before sino war. China knew guerrilla strategy was against this agreement. but they did in fact.(this was their only way to fight with their inferior weapony aginst japanese.)"


[Regarding my comment that Japanese looked down at Chinese]

"be honetst, we, japanese, respect ourselves very much as far as memocracy and modernization is concerned. During china and korea were straggling for civil war, japanee modernized very quickly in economics and army force. after japanese and rossian war, japanese were successfully accepted to the westerns as a modern country. this is how we could let america withdrew "unfair trading treat" finally. and, as you wrote, discrimation was one of aspects why the brutality like nanjin massacre occured. but, the biggest reason is the absolute power held by the emperor in the japanese imperial constitution. not only this, there were lots of reasons why japanese started the sino war. Comander Matsui and Minitary conselor Ishihara really deamed for democracy of Asia. so did a large number of soldiers. (lots of soldeirs stayed in vietnum for democratic movement)"

"even though some soldeirs died for asian freedom, it is never going to erase the crimes what japanese did in china. but, again, i would like you think one thing. as long as we are not sure who were killed and how many were killed, we should not provide the information like yours to innocent americans. please dont let yourself look ugly and please dont let chinese look ungly. it is because this kind of unfair movements aginst japan let japanese look down chinese. you cant make uncertainty certain. japaese politicians do this,too. they say "nanjin massacre was a lie" then, they were canseled their posts. they dealed with the uncertainty. can you deal with the uncertainty,too?"


"About the photo, the Japnese soldiers took lots of picutures. they are really gruesome. I really can not believe a sence of humanity to take a picture holding a choppped head. but, how can you sure the skeltons are citizens'? how can you sure the head is the citizens? it might be a guerrilla's. dont you think so?"


"As long as you provide the uncertain information, you are responsible on the uncertaintly as the Japense politicians do after the comments of "massacre is a lia."

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Subject:      Re: Jpn young people's opin of WW2:PROUD of IT, pathetic society
From: (FIRST_NAME Mukasa)
Date:         1997/01/15

Newsgroups: soc.culture.japan.moderated 

I haven't either, however, may I ask if it was legal or not? Killing civilians is illegal, yes?
IMO, this is something related to how Japanese feel about WW2. Because of killing civilians, starting war, etc, Japanese leaders had tried and some class A war criminals were executed and many BC were executed. Why U.S leaders who ordered A-bomb or Tokyo fire bombing even had not tried? Why Soviet leaders were not accused by starting war against Japan in spite of existing peace treaty between Soviet and Japan? I know because it was not described in Potsudam declaration that Japan had accepted, but why?

The only reason I can think of is that Japan lost the war. If Japan won, Japanese leader would not be tried, right? So some can say that the lesson learned from history is, don't loose, isn't it?



Subject: Re: Jpn young people's opin of WW2:PROUD of IT, pathetic society
From: (FIRST_NAME Mukasa)
Date: 1997/02/10


ST PETERSBURG conference held 1868.
Based on this regulation, Roling who was one of a judge in Tokyo trial says, using A-bomb was illegal.
Other judge Par said simulur things.
Also Breaknee(spell?) who was Japanese Lawyer in Tokyo trial said same things.

Japan Court Martialed and excuted American bomber pilots who bombed civilian tagets.(However, this Court Martial itself was cited as a war crime in Tokyo trial.)

Why Japanese leaders weren't tried?
Because if they do, they have to do it for themselves. It is so simple.


Subject:      Re: Jpn young people's opin of WW2:PROUD of IT, pathetic society
From: (FIRST_NAME Mukasa)
Date:         1997/02/01


Japanese leaders were tried under the name of justice. But what is justice?
History tells me war happened so many times and winner's justice is a justice. In Tokyo trial, it was true. So same history will continue for future, we will have war again.
If we win, our justice is a justice.



Film on the Rape of Nanjing

From [ History 187C: Modern Japan ] discussion board

Posted by FIRST_NAME Matayoshi on February 13, 1997 at 22:19:43:

Regarding Japanese male effeminism in the Showa Era, I guess that was no longer a question in Nanjing. One man in the film said there was probably no virgins left in Nanjing, including 9 year olds and the elderly. And then there was the matter of having 50 soldiers a day for each of an estimated 200,000 comfort women. I am surprised that there are only 7 comfort women left, according to the Japan Times...or was that only 7 filing suit against the government of Japan?

By the way, I believe $5,000,000 yen roughly translates into $41,000 US dollars for each of the 7 victims. Would any girls in class think that was worth however many years of sexual assault?

Posted by FIRST_NAME Matayoshi on March 17, 1997 at 18:15:36:

In Reply to: Warring words posted by FIRST_NAME on March 16, 1997 at 22:14:58:


As for $41,000 for 50 guys a day, 365 from 1937-1945 equals roughly $3.11. I know that figure that's stretching the number of rapes to the unrealistic maximum, but the point then can be raised, why argue about the varying number of a few thousand rapes per woman when one is one too many. Then one can add, monetary compensation does nothing to right the wrong. Most people wouldn't do it for a million bucks, much less for $3. It is like an insult.

Posted by FIRST_NAME Matayoshi on February 15, 1997 at 22:44:11:

In Reply to: rape of nanjin posted by wilson salguero on February 14, 1997 at 16:04:42:

Didn't similar crimes of war (raping of local girls and women) occur during the Vietnamese conflict? Weren't the Vikings known for raping and pillaging? The violence of war, perhaps, increases the male sex drive.

More likely, I believe the Japanese soldiers were ordered to rape Chinese women so the blood of the Japanese race could expand in China, to help expand the resources of the Japanese Empire, for future generations of soldiers. It was said that the Japanese government knew that they were short manned in their effort to wage war during the Sino Japanese war. This may have been one way to decrease that shortage of manpower in the future. Crazy, huh?

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