Damage done by the 8-nation army (1900) (GB)

PRC praise the protect DYT movement(GB)

PRC codemn the Japanese ruling party's platform which requires worship of war criminal's shrines(GB)

PRC protest against Japanese government for the death of Chen Yuxiang (GB)

PRC will not tolerate Japan to compromise its sovereignty (GB)

PRC to improve its 2nd artellery forces(GB)

Survey show 97.4% percent of Chinese youth find Japanese militarists education of their young intolerable (GB)

PLAN Officier Says They have the confidence to destroy japanese invaders (GB)

Picture of a monument (GIF)

Report from inside Japan: issues of Chemical weapons left by Japs in China, Japanese attitude oncomfort women issue(GB)

Location of DYT (GIF, Map)

Japanese are facing the choice which will determine their fate (People's daily, GB)

A murderer in Nanjing massacre now confesses his crimes (GB)

Many more Japanse senators deny aggression, Nanjing massacre, and comfort women (1996.8.24, GB)

Japanese invading DYT (1996.8.30, GB)

The history of Japanse invasion at DYT (1996.8.31, GB)

Japanese EWA stationed at Liuqiu (Okinawa) air borne to monitor DYT (1996.10.2, GB)

Japanese has missed their lessons (English)

Chinese warn Japanese not to block Chinese civilians ships to land on DYT (1996.10.3, GB)

Spokesperson says Japan can not deny its crimes (1996,8.28, GB)

Will Japan Go Nuclear: Nuclear Claims

Will Japan Go Nuclear: A Nuclear Potential

PRC urge Japan not to do foolish acts (1996.8.30, GB)

Japanese ruling party claim sovereignty on DYT and require cabnet members to worship war criminals(1996.10.1, GB)

Japanese H-2A solid fueled rockets (E)

Japanese protest against China for researching near DYT (1996.9.7, GB)

Koreans destroy buildings built by japanese during colonisation period (GB)

Koreans dismantle Jap. build building (IMG)

Li Peng Warn Japan that there will be no good outcome if Jap. harm Chinese (1996.10.1, GB)

Four Chinese Engineer angered by Jap. company who asked them to write games which glorify Jap. imperial army (GB)

Nanjing : 59 anniversary of Nanjing massacre (BIG5)

North Korea Protest Jap. minsister's worship of war criminals (GB)

65 year anniversary of the 9.18 incident: learn from history(GB)

US_japn conspiracy in Asia (GB)

US_Japn security pact applies to DYT (BIG5)

Xiaosan bombing monument: Jap. crimes carved on stone (GB)