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Japanese killing and looting After more than ten days of brutal butchering in and around the city, no one can seen around during the day except the Japanese. Night was all dark except a few places where Japanese invaders lodged. Since the invasion of the Japanese, hundreds of thousands of bare-handed refugees had been massacred, but the Japanese invaders did not stop.

On December 17th, Japanese invaders held a parade of "entering the city with victory", Japanese general SISG entered NanJing on horse. He praised his subordinates like GSF for their performance, and arranged the second stage of massacre.

Class A War Criminal SISG observing the destroyed NanJing city with a telescope.

Japanese soldier with a head in his hand SISG decided that all the residents and stores closed their doors because they wanted to show their resistance. He ordered that they must open their doors to show their welcome, and the Japanese would use this opportunity to search for the hiding members of the resistance forces.

Near the end of December, the Street Purge began. At all street crosses, there were Japanese soldiers. Motorcycles patrolled all the places, Japanese soldiers in groups of three to five, wavering their long knives, shouting and ordering people to open their door. All the doors widely opened. Some people stuck their head out to have a look. When they did that, Japanese invaders shot at them immediately. On that day, several thousand people were killed or wounded this way.

At the same time, the Japanese invaders conducted large scale searches. Young people suspected to be anti-Japanese were taken away without allowing to explain. They were said to be taken for questioning, but most of them never came back, in fact they were sent to WuTai mount to be burnt alive. A total of ten thousand people were missing like this.

From then on, Japanese's butcher's knife tuned to the business men and the remaining residents. Japanese invaders, regardless of their positions and ranks, enter , search, loot and even kill at will in stores or resident homes. All the streets were in horror.

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