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Japanese solider with a head in his hand and several bodies on the ground

Japanese commanders used "killing competition" as a way to boost morale. They organized visiting and news reporters to appraise the "winner". One of killing competitions at ZiJin mount was reported by news papers all over the world.

Japanese newspaper reports the killing competition

2nd Lieutenants Mukai and Noda, killed 105 and 106 Chinese people, respectively. This contest must have been the culmination of a previous rivalry for Mukai himself had killed 89 Chinese prior to the contest, while Noda murdered 78. Their immediate superior, Capt. Tanaka Gunkichi, had even single-handedly killed 300 Chinese. Such a savage act is beyond the human imagination... (several Jap news paper reported this "competition", The subtitle of the news reads: "The add-time of two Lieutenants". )

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