分享 Miami MetroMover.MetroRail观光
MingHao 2023-9-25 12:52
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分享 迈阿密 小古巴攻略
MingHao 2023-9-25 11:38
https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/23257391 https://www.miamiandbeaches.cn/%E8%A1%97%E5%8C%BA/%E5%B0%8F%E5%93%88%E7%93%A6%E9%82%A3 metromover http://nycmiami.blogspot.com/2015/11/little-havana.html
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分享 Miami -Art Deco District
MingHao 2023-9-25 11:07
Located inside the Art Deco Welcome Center, the Art Deco Museum allows tourists and locals to better understand the architectural heritage and community culture of Miami Beach. Learn about the three major historic design styles i n Miami Beach: Mediterranean Rev ...
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分享 How bilingualism affects a child's world
MingHao 2023-9-25 05:28
How bilingualism affects a child's world https://bold.expert/how-bilingualism-affects-a-childs-world/?twclid=2-257jg6cmxb9ibjhjxuw37z1x7
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分享 丹佛学区种族隔离
MingHao 2023-9-25 02:23
昨天(8月28日)是金恩博士(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)发表“我有一个梦想(I have a dream)”的华盛顿大游行(March on Washington) 60周年, 这个活动为之后1964年的民權法案(Civil Rights Act of 1964)和1965年的投票权法案(Voting Rights Act of 1965)起了极为重要的作用。 而在此之前的1954年,美国最高法 ...
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分享 巴士 Miami - Keywest
MingHao 2023-9-24 13:48
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分享 New York City on Ferry
MingHao 2023-9-24 09:15
https://nycmap360.com/nyc-ferry-map https://untappedcities.com/2016/03/24/expanded-nyc-ferry-service-is-officially-a-go-but-where-to/ https://transitmap.net/nyc-ferries-evelyn-fischer/ Governor Island https://www.govisland.com/plan-your-visit/ferry
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分享 白人至上与美国国际政策
MingHao 2023-9-24 06:32
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分享 Yosemite Chinese
MingHao 2023-9-24 02:15
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分享 why there is such a big difference in price of NYC Ferry and NYWaterway
MingHao 2023-9-23 12:55
ChatGPT The price difference between NYC Ferry and NY Waterway can be attributed to several factors, including the services they offer, their operating models, routes, and customer demographics. Here are some key factors that contribu ...
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