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About the translation
I have translated the document almost word by word from Chinese into English, even the orginal sentence structures were kept to a large extent. The English used here may need lot of improvement. However, I have faithfully translated the contents in the orginal documents. Some of quotes were orginally translated from English into Chinese, now I am translating them back, so this is a problem. Another problem is the translation of Japanese names. Japanese use Chinese (Kanji) characters as their names, and I used HanZi bitmaps for the names that I don't know the Japanese pronunciation.

The Japanese Crimes Against Humanity must be exposed

The translator's words

I translated this document because little about the Japanese war crimes in China is known to the world due to many reasons. Japanese contsantly deny these crimes and are trying to distort history by claiming that Japan liberated Asian nations. They claim that Pearl Harbor was never a sneak attack. And they also claim NanJing massacre was a lie that the US used to find excuses for dropping the A-Bombs on them. Japanese shrine the principal criminals in NanJing massacre as 'martyr's, who were sentenced to death after Japan surrendered. On ther other hand, allmost all the murderers in NanJing massacre have not been brought to justice. Many of the murderers are influential members in the Japanese society and government today.

We are not going to investigate the nature of Japanese, and we are not going to study its social and cultural behaviour here. Chinese taught Japanese how to write, how to dress, how to architect... while they were in the stone age. They repaid all the help by brutal massacres as soon as they learned the machinery from the west, the primitive savage heart combined with the power of the killing machines of the 20th century made Japan the evil of the evil. The only logical conclusion that one can reach after examing this chilling piece of history is this: Japanese were cruel, more than cruel! Not the number of people they killed proved their savage nature, but way they killed, the way they took pleasure in mutilating the victims' bodies... If one's behaviour shows one's character, the brutal acts of the million Japanese in China demonstrated the character of a "unique" people, one that was capable of unthinkable cruelty.

In November 1894, Japanese massacred 30,000 Chinese in LuuShun city.

Japanese had a long history of cruelty and brutality: from the Japanese pirates that looted and killed many Chinese in the Ming Dynasty, to the Japanese massacred hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians in LuuShun in Qing Dynasty, to the Japanese in the Nanjing Massacre, we see the same thing. And today, this picture has not changed a bit. Japan is a danger temporarily supressed by the power of the peaceful world. But as the evil grows and feels it is its time, it will try to do it again. The recent revisionist movement in Japan signals such a trend. We must be prepared.

1900, Japanese kill Chinese members of the Boxer movement in China.

We highly appraise the US Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the greatest demonstration of prevailing justice in the world history. These two bombings not only saved millions of Americans, they also saved more Chinese and other Asians who were dying at an atronomical rate under the massacres of the Japanese. The US conventional air raids on Japan in 1942 resulted in the rage of the Jap Emperor War Criminal Hirokito, who ordered to revenge on the Chinese people, as the consequence, over 250,000 Chinese civilians in ZheJiang province were massacred in the Jap. mopping-up campaign. The 39th division from Hiroshima conducted large scale massacres in central China, they murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians near ChangSha. The Bomb dropped at Hiroshima annhilated their backups and their fervent supporters. The second Bomb at Nagasaki saved the large number US POWs who were to be killed by the revenging Japanese. The two bombs finally stopped the crazy evil and restored peace in Asia. The Bombs are the symbols of human courage and resolution in fighting against the demons.

Japanese prime minister attending the opening ceremony of the Monument for seven Class A and 1068 Class B and C War criminals executed.
The words on the central monument says: "The Memorial Tablet for 1068 Heroes Died for their Nation in the great East Asia War".

After half of century, Japanese have no remorse on what they did. A few murderers in the war confessed and wanted to tell the truth, however, often they are threatened with death by other Japanese. The Japanese government refuses to even apologize for its war crimes. Recently, exhibitions about the Nanjing Massacre were banned in some Japanese cities.... Covering up and denying their crimes, Japanese now try to depict themselves as victims of the war and charge US as a war criminal for its use of A-Bombs. Some of them even claim that China was responsible for the undeclared Japanese aggression. (Ref. The Fabrication of Nanjing Massacre, by Massaki Tanaka, 1984 )

Japanese attending the memorial service for seven Class A War criminals. The words on the monument says: "The Tomb for Seven Honorable Men Died for their Nation".

We must make every effort to let the world know of the crimes committed by the Japanese. So we are prepared to stop the crimes from repeating. The crimes that Japan committed against humanity must be exposed, recorded and punished. Japan must confess its war crimes and make full compensation for the lost lives and property in its act of crimes, otherwise Chinese has the right to revenge for the fourty millions people murdered by Japanese. Justice must be served, otherwise it would be fatally naive to talk about peace. Chinese must seek justice for themselves, but rest of the cilvilized world need to understand and give them support.

It is the sense of justice that made us human.